Explore your communication habits in a group setting

Voice is social. Exploring it in a workshop setting, gives us the opportunity to immediately notice the impact it creates. Working in a safe space, with an experienced voice and presence coach, allows the participants to delve into the world of voice and human interactions with ease and openness. By putting aside our assumptions and the need to “get things right” we come to a place where we can explore our communication habits without the fear of failure or judgement. This creates a space to recognise unuseful communication habits and find more efficiency, clarity and impact in the way we communicate.

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The ability to influence others with the words you speak is essential in every job.

It is a quality which defines great leaders, managers, people we want to follow. In the business world, whether you like it or not, you are constantly judged by the way you sound. Voice Flow can offer you tailor-made workshops for your company on voice, communication and public speaking.

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Jarek Sacharski explaining working of the voice in front of a group of young workshop participants


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  • Heineken
  • Facebook
  • Triumph
  • Toyota
  • Rijksmuseum
  • TomTom


  • Working with Jarek was an enlightening and fun experience. His teaching is clear and brilliantly structured. Although fighting with bad habits was tiring and hard, I believe his exercises and training will improve the way I speak. Jarek supports his message with a deep knowledge about the subject. He was also very generous and gave energy and attention to all the participants, making sure we got the most from those 10 hours of workshop. It was also very beautiful to share the fear for talking in public with the rest of the group. The atmosphere was safe and warm. I highly recommend it!

    Rosina Herrera Garrido
    Photograph Conservator at the Rijksmuseum

  • Jarek finds a way to unlock voices, respecting the differences. Awesome workshops!

    Paweł Najgebauer
    Improviser, Improvisation Teacher, Business Trainer

  • Jarek is a passionate, knowledgeable and skilful voice coach. I just attended his class, and it was more informative than I could ever imagine. Jarek taught us about ourselves, our postures, our breathing and other things which we do naturally without realising it. He was extremely patient and gave everyone some personal advice on how we could improve. As well as recommending some daily exercises to maintain the momentum, each participant received personalised feedback and notes. I warmly recommend the Voice Flow courses. A real eye opener for me! Thank you, Jarek!

    Ami Nilsson
    eCOA Manager at Astellas Pharma

  • I tremendously enjoyed this workshop. Jarek is so kind, truly present and knowledgeable! Highly recommend working with him. His way of diagnosing, adjusting, supporting, discovering and correcting everyone’s voice/presentation issues was amazing.

    Anna Verwaal
    Speaker, Doula

  • Jarek is great at explaining how everything in our body works and what are the causes of certain voice problems. He teaches in a very structured way so that you always know what are you doing and why. He helped me a lot! Now, I am a more confident speaker and I feel more present in life. I look forward to working with him more.

    Paulina Kasparek
    Court Specialist at Victim Support

  • Step by step learning with individual approach. Great mix of theory and practice with very non-conventional methods. Strong understanding of group dynamics and a great mix of knowledge from variety of disciplines. Great atmosphere. Present, very professional and helpful at every stage of communication. Strongly recommended for individuals and organizations.

    Monika Kepka

  • A brilliant voice teacher; clear, specific, fun but most important, effective! I highly recommend Jarek’s classes to anyone at any level of curiosity or need.

    Jennifer Wiltsie
    Actress and Voice Coach

  • Jarek helped me to work on my British accent when auditioning for international productions. He has great knowledge of English pronunciation and phonetics, and always finds the best way to teach you the subtleties of a given accent. After a series of meetings with Jarek I’m able to use his tools on my own. Highly recommended.

    Maciej Nawrocki

  • Jarek’s approach is unconventional and fun. I’ve never done such versatile warm-ups. FLOW is an excellent way to describe what he does. It’s all about letting yourself go and just following your body. Would love to work with him once more.

    Leonie Benesch

  • Jarek’s work is exceptional. I use a lot of his exercises before concerts. They help me not to be afraid, to honour people, to accept and simply be. He teaches far more than just voice. Jarek encourages you to express yourself with tenderness and openness towards yourself and others.

    Anna Gadt

  • Jarek is a committed teacher, who taught me how to use my voice in public speaking. Ever since, when I go on stage or to the media, I use the checklist he gave me. Working with Jarek is an invaluable experience which I wholeheartedly recommend!

    Paula Bruszewska
    CEO at Social Wolves

  • Jarek is a marvellous teacher! Warm, open, engaging, pinpointing exactly what is missing or what needs to be improved for each person. He brings playfulness to the teaching process and adapts the exercises to the needs of the individuals and the group. He offers practical advice and simple tips. Absolutely recommended!

    Iustina Idu
    Project Manager at Genpact

  • Working with Jarek is a fantastic experience full of discoveries. Delving into the basics of sound/voice emission, learning about the body as a resonating instrument, exploring your presence with relation to others – all this is a mind-opening process.  What you gain is an awareness of the way you use your voice which helps you to speak more efficiently. Jarek – thank you!

    Radek Kotapka
    Creative Director at TVN

  • Jarek is a fantastic teacher: flexible, patient and very effective. Within several weeks, with simple exercises, from a person who hates to present I turned into a confident public speaker who is actually enjoying the show.

    Małgorzata Lubelska
    Head of Marketing at Heineken, Customer Advisory Board at Facebook