My Philosophy

I believe that everyone should have the right to speak and be heard. The freedom to breathe with ease in every situation. The right to present one’s opinions with confidence and impact. The ability to influence others with words and communicate to change.

Every human being has a natural, powerful voice able to express a variety of emotions and communicate inspiring ideas. However, habits of mind, body and voice limit the natural spontaneity and passion of communication. By becoming aware of these habits we set on a journey to free the natural voice and reclaim our right to speak.

The main goal of my work is to release the natural potential of one’s voice and find the most effective ways to use it in communication, public speaking and on stage. This process can be exciting, revealing, sometimes challenging and other times enjoyably playful. Though one thing is always certain – by exploring the voice we learn a lot about ourselves.

Jarek Sacharski

Hi, I’m Jarek, and I am a Voice and Public Speaking Coach based in Amsterdam. My passion is Presence and its connection to the human voice. I help groups and individuals to rediscover their natural voices and reclaim their right to speak.

I coach TEDx speakers in Amsterdam and Warsaw, and I work with executives and managers on finding their voice and a genuine connection with their audience. In my work, I am always looking for efficiency and honesty. I believe that Presence is key to leading and inspiring others.

I have led workshops and individual sessions on public speaking, voice and communication skills for Facebook, Toyota, Heineken, PWC, H&M, Fulbright Foundation and JDE.

I also cooperate with drama and music schools incl. National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Warsaw, Karol Szymanowski Music Academy in Katowice, Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj. My clients include actors, singers, politicians, lecturers, a variety of public speakers, activists – everyone who wants to get their message across with impact.

I am also passionate about education, and I am fortunate to cooperate with Annos Africa – a UK based charity organising educational art projects in Kenya and Malawi.

My teaching is enormously influenced by Patsy Rodenburg and her method. I am grateful for her coaching and ongoing support. The structures of my teaching and the presence work come directly from her.