Free your voice

Jarek Sacharski, Voice Flow's voice coach, doing exercise with a student

I help people to release the natural potential of their voice.

We are all born with compelling voices able to express a variety of emotions, with beautifully balanced bodies and a powerful presence.

The aim of my work is to rediscover this hidden potential and use it in public speaking, communication and on stage.


Voicework can transform the way you breathe, speak and think.

Do you want to go on stage and share your ideas worth spreading? Would you like to be more present in your everyday communication? Does your voice reflect who you really are? Are you looking for training for your team? Would you like to speak with more confidence and gravitas? Do you struggle to be heard? Learn more about the services I offer.


Need something specific?

Contact me for a tailor-made offer.

Portrait picture of Jarek Sacharski, looking towards the camera with a calm but confident smile

Hi, I’m Jarek. I’m a voice and public speaking coach.

I know one thing for sure – we all want to be heard. In my work, I’m always looking for the most efficient ways to achieve this simple, yet sometimes challenging goal.

Read more about me and my approach.